Friday, July 08, 2005

As long as most Muslims believe


That they can stand back and
Act all innocent saying "who me?"
Then they will go right on
Tacitly backing terrorist tyranny

As long as they believe they
Only really have to speak up
To keep any pressure off of them
They will remain quietly politely corrupt

As long as minding your own business
Resembles keeping your head in the stand
They will turn a blind eye to the ones in
Their midst they know are making evil plans

As long as it's all about their religions rights
And them not giving their honest best
This whole religion of peace thing will remain
A Foul no regard for human life breeding nest

It's also about how long we let them
Get by with the little lost orphaned look
While a very sick deadly set of them
Madly chant death to America while

Holding aloft their sacred holy book

Let's hear some loud denouncements
Let's see some cooperation that's clear
Get with us and start working hard for freedom
Or frankly get the Hell out of here

12:07 pm

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#6 said...

Bless you Neils for sharing your talent. Thanks for posting this one on the Conservative forum as well as a link here. You almost always write what I am not able to but feel. thank you.