Wednesday, August 03, 2005

I've got news for you Shallah

I've got news for you

I can hate better than you
I can love better than you
I can fight better than you
I can finish what I start out to do

I can build better than you
I can farm better than you
I can market better than you
I can walk a path that's old or new

I can hunt better than you
I can aim better than you
I can train harder than you
And I welcome justice coming due

I can build hospitals and schools
I can build roads and cars
I can accomplish goals
Whether they are near or far

I can care about other people
I recognize brainwashed scams
I am by my kind asked constantly
To re-examine who I am

And I focus on what I think and say
And listen closely and rationally
And I'm tellin you right up front
You're incompetent stupid and crazy

Making an enemy out of me

11:40 pm
Elaine Silvistrini

TAMPA - When the leader of the Palestinian Islamic Jihad challenged the loyalty of Ramadan Shallah, who was living in the United States, Shallah responded by sending a poem.

I am against America until this life ends and the scale is placed in the afterlife.
I am against her even if the stones relented one day and the flint liquefied.
My hatred for America is so that if the worlds contained some of it, the worlds would tumble down.
She is ... in evils and all evil on this earth.

Shallah, whose admission to the United States was sponsored by Sami Al-Arian, told Al-Arian during a wiretapped phone conversation in February 1994 about the poem, which he attributed to Arab poet Ahmad Matar. Shallah told Al-Arian he sent the poem to Fathi Shikaki after Shikaki told Shallah, ``You are living in the lion's den.''

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