Sunday, August 28, 2005



Coming to a convenience store near you
Coming to your local parks and schools
Coming to your corrupt city council
Coming courtesy of all the blind go along fools

Presto what do you know there are new
Requirements to be a Citizen of the United States
Sort of like when you're calling 911 and then
Having to go that extra little bit of time to wait

The post office is getting all multi culture vulture
They suddenly don't have flyers in English anyway
From behind the counter I'm greeted in Spanish
And am now expected to know what they say

Like I'm all for digging my own cultural grave
Like I'm all for giving away a strong foundation
I tell them I don't speak a foreign language
That always puts a twist in the situation


Coming to a radio and tv station near you
Funny how translation never seems to get done
When it's coming from the other direction
When the money is theirs it's too costly a sum

And don't even get me started on Vincente
Saying you're Mexicans first and Americans last
There's a slick slime merchant for you
Always ready and willing to play it loose and fast


Coming to you as decals on the back windows
Of cars in parking lots or driving around in town
The ones with the two Mexican Flags in the corners
Right side up..and the American flag in the lower middle

Upside down

8:57 pm
transcribed this time
9:06 pm

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