Thursday, February 24, 2005

Terri's Husband

Terris Husband

How very calculatedly cold are his actions
To not render her into her parents care
We all must hold accountable those who
Who do not understand these simple

Compassionate prayers

I can see it in her face
I can see it in her eyes
There is the spark of essence there
There is that which makes us all alive

This is not about legal complexity
This is about evil and good
I don't need any split tongued devils
Telling me what needs to be understood

It's all real real simple
Let all those who love Terri do so
Everybody else can leave the room
Everybody else can get up and go

There needs to be accountability here
For those pushing for her to die
There needs to be mercy and forgiveness
Or it needs to be an eye for an eye

Let all choose who witness this
Stand for strength or slime

Oh how far we have come my children
When it's now love sweet love that is a crime

4:26 pm
With obvious due influence
From William Blake on the last two lines

transcribed this time
9:02 am

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