Saturday, February 19, 2005



Somewhere between romance and dance
Somewhere between the blood and guts
Somewhere in the taking of a stand
That doesn't always have its if ands or buts

I will stand next to my sisters and breatheran
I will stand on this land that I live
And I will reach into my deepest heart level
And give all I've got to give

For those who believe in family
Those who believe in love and being free
Those who although they do fight back
And not consumed by the rattling prattiling


That is coming in through the press
And the self annointed self appointed best
Who speak down to the regular American
As if somehow we didn't pass their test

Who cares what they think anymore
I know for sure now it's not me
I have not am not and will not
Play fire hydrant

To their ideas about being free

4:03 pm
transcribed this time
6:27 pm

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