Sunday, February 06, 2005're for gay marriage


If you really didn't think anything was wrong
About being gay
You'd be ought there every now and then let'n
Some guy have his way

Since it wouldn't really be hurting anybody
You know what I mean
Wouldn't that make you even cooler and
More tolerant of that scene

What would be wrong with that
I think it would do you some good
Now you sort of only theoretically get
How they're victimized and misunderstood

Come on take one in the keester
For tolerance and sensitivity
Wouldn't that show a more firm belief
In the downward sliding system

Of moral relativity


Open that mouth wide and
Speak up For Act up
But if you're only giving lip service
Isn't that kind of being morally corrupt


It's the vulture culture wars
Grab your socks get with the plan
Don't be half steppin bein against
Marriage only bein for a woman and a man

10:38 pm
transcribed this time
12:51 pm

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