Saturday, January 08, 2005


What bias


No wonder
You can't see it


You're so far left
You're left out
You play babble scrabble
With out any doubts

You hate being white
You hate your own nation
You compromise and apologize
And want to give reperations

You loathe the military
All police are bad
You never met a criminal
Who's story wasn't sad

You admire Ted Rall's scrawl
Think Hanoi Jane is cool
And completely go along with
The college speech code rules

Open the borders
Let them all in
And no one will hurt us
If we treat them like friends

You're not whacko
You're not nuts
It's everybody else
No ifs ands or buts

Insulated and innoculated
Arrogant most of the time
You're scared of guns
But you want mine

You name call
When arguments fall through
Facist racist bigot
Homophobic nuthin new

It turns your stomach
To see the flag unfurl
But you like the UN
Like their take on the world

You suck up to
Mean spirited girls
Like what maybe they'll
Allow you one small whirl

And oh yeah
Hollyweird is fine
With their influence-za
And droppin more than a dime

No wonder
You can't see it there
You probably can't see it

2002 maybe
transcribed this time
11:58 pm

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