Sunday, January 02, 2005

Stinking Racist Gringos

Stinking Racist Gringos

All they’ve ever got are complaints
Like they never heard of Guadalupe
Like they never heard of a Saint

Whitey ain’t nuthin but an oppressor
And a taker of people and land
And as soon as they are overwhelmed
Then they’ll understand

Here comes the flood of illegal immigration
Of excuses corruption and pain
Here come the diplomats stonewalling
Like they can’t hear you call their name

But the press is certainly sensitive
They know exactly what to do
They know exactly who to blame
And what rights need to be pursued

By the culture first lawyers
With their outstretched greedy hands
With their under the table mordida
And they’re tangle it all up plans

Here come the Latin gangs
Spreading out their web of connections
Extending into Mexico and Al Queda
Who’d have guessed that direction

Except the brown hating people
Who stand in the new worlds way
It’s spoken in the Arts Organizations meetings
Getting their funding by the NEA

Stinking Racist Gringos

There time is almost over
All National Borders will end
And then La Raza will rise
And will put in power the real men

The movement is spreading
Who among us dares to speak out
Who dares to call it what it is
Who is not cowed by fear and doubt

10:22 pm
transcribed this time
6:43 pm


Anonymous said...

are you white? cuz you have a gringo name. everything in the poem was true homie.

Anonymous said...

whitey? gringo? aren't these racial slurs? I believe it is caucasion, unless you like being called a beaner or wetback.