Monday, September 15, 2008

To Hell with Unity

The Hell with Unity!

I only need those of sound value and bravery.

Compromise with those who only seek
to weaken and reduce resolve?.............Never.

I don't mind an actual conversation but..
If you are of a seditionist, weak kneed, limp wristed,
perpetually insulted mind set.....No.

I do not believe nor will I fall into the trap of all of us.
If you are an impediment you need to step out of the way
or suffer the consequences.

I don't mind somebody who needs training
or wants to learn.But for those seeking special priviliges.
Who offer only sick slick tricks.
Stand down.

I have nothing but contempt for anybody
who seeks a path that puts our young warriors
at needless risk when they are engaged
in an essential mission.

No petty arguments.
No lofty conversations.
No soft pedaling.

Not this time.
Not ever again.


11:00 am
transcribed this time
9:46 am


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