Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Religion Of Peace

The Religion of Peace
Is dancing in the street
Somewhere some US soldier died
Oh how they'd love our defeat

The Religion of Peace
Is praying for another slaughter
Somewhere some idiot father
Found it necessary to honor kill his daughter

The Religion of Peace
Is lying with law suits in the US
Using our freedom and toleration against us
To create an Unholy mess

The Religion of Peace
Wants Sharia law imposed
They want the death of the West
They want infidel blood to flow

The Religion of Peace
Wants nuclear arms
They prey on suckers and chumps
Who are duped by evil’s charms

The Religion of Peace
Is in mosques and convenience stores
They are meeting in secret cells
And oh boy do they have plans for

Blood and more blood and gore

The Religion of Peace
Has taken hold of Satan’s hand
And they have in their darkest heart
A list of sufferings they demand

The Caliphate draws near
The glory approaches with the sun
That rises over every Jihadist psycho
And what the mullahs say they want done

9:30 am
transcribed this time
6:15 pm


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