Saturday, December 11, 2004

Sensitivity train this

Sensitivity train this


Here they come

With their rainbow flags a flying
With their designer ties and shirts
Here they come to flame blame us all
That they have indeed been hurt

But first it's time for a shirley temple
Some poppers and some coke
And maybe a put down of a hetero male
That's supposed to be a joke

Here they come with their excuses
There parades and political bent
Here they come with their agendas
About how everybody's money should be spent

Here they come with whips and chains
With their chaps made of leather
With their sex change operations
And a whole closet full of boas and feathers

Oh hey I'm just terrified of their outrage
And their high pitched screams
Aids has barely toned down their bath house
Behavior and their perverted anonymous dreams

So excuse me if I don't run
Or apologize for stating my mind
But nobody says there's any kind of law
That says I have to like your kind

Because manipulation time is over
With all your slick trick talk of fair
Why don't you just drop dead or
Drop off the end of the world

For all I care

9:01 pm
transcribed this time
6:50 pm

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