Saturday, June 19, 2010

Fuck Obama

Fuck Obama

He's a whore who hates the USA
He hates oil and energy
And wants to take them away

He hates the military
And loves to watch them die
He's useless and a pig fucker
Letin time just pass by

What North Korean incident
What does he care
He loves the perks and is
Gonna make sure he gets his share

Golf and dinners
Concerts and basket ball
He's a sickening dumb ass
Who thinks we should all be enthralled

What Iran crisis
He doesn't give a shit
He doesn't care if the US
Takes a nuclear hit

He's a bitch and an imitation
Weak kneed man
He's a socialist and communist
Those are his plans

He's a liar and a user
He's a sneak and a thief
He's the one and only
Head Narcissist in Chief

10:18 am
transcribed this time
10:20 am


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