Saturday, June 12, 2010

He'd do well...Yeah...

Obama would do well

To running screaming from office
With his tail between his legs
He's like a dog to his master
All he can do is sit up and beg

He's got no natural talent except
To read teleprompter words outloud
He's got no practical experience
And of that he seems so proud

The Sea Coast lies in ruins
It grows worse every day
While something actually needs done
He's still thinkin about what to say

He's incompetance personified
He's no president of mine
He's the Head Narcissist In Chief
And he's workin overtime

To screw up our economy
To screw up our heath care
To screw up our military
He's screwing up everywhere

Obama would do well
To get while the gettins good
He's doing crap on purpose
And more and more

That's being understood

He doesn't have a different opinion
He hates the USA
He wants to ride her down hard
Partian all the way

8:21 pm
transcribed this time
8:25 pm


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