Saturday, July 17, 2010

Janet Napolitano


Janet Napalitano is a bitch
She want's to co-opt the opinions of citizens
She wants portray them all as supporters
Of Amnesty

Amnesty to the end

Of this once great country
Bleed on for the illegals cause
She doesn't and won't argue honestly
She's got her decency button on pause

What about the home invasions
What about the crime
What about the kidnappings
Who's manipulating the time line

Till it's the suffering of Arizona folk
That is on the extortion block
To Janet the story of the murdered rancher
Is nothing but a bunch of boring empty talk

She manuevers and angles in
She dodges she sneaks bobs and weaves
It is by any means necessary
Any means necessary

She believes

8:27 am
Poetic Addendum


She believes
The cost of the loss no matter what
Is worth it to achieve

And thus it is
So be it if you have to be decieved


She's a cowardly fanatic
That's why what ever it is she'll say it
Irregardless the cost of the loss

You're the one who'll have to pay it

8:31 am
transcribed this time
8:24 am


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