Tuesday, July 06, 2010


O-vomit sounds the trumpets of war

O-vomit is clearly over the edge
His allegiances do not align with us
He offers us lies deciet and defeat
For our sacred honor and trust

He shows deference to our enemies
He dismisses our aliances and friends
He's here to shut down America's excellence
Here to put it to an end

There is no low he won't go
The military The economy The illegal invasion
He's selling us out without a doubt
On each and every occassion

It's time to wake up children of the light
It's time to take stock of the situation
He cares not for your individual liberties
He marches madly on to our ruination

This slick talkin trick will stop at nothing
There will be absolutely no violation of rights
Taken on by the attorney general
Against blacks if filed on by whites

He's tellin us right to our face
What he thinks of me and you
He thinks we all ought to be grateful
If he lets us have

What he scrapes off the bottom of his shoes

9:16 am
transcribed this time
9:28 am


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