Thursday, September 30, 2010

They'll hurt you they'll desert you

Do not be fooled

This ugly socialist movement
This spreading communist lie
Is now the very heart of the
Democratic Party that tries

To sound conservative
Come around election time
They know they have to
Hide their agenda

They are all out of their minds

With a greed for power
With a thirst for a soldiers blood
Their blatant indifference for those
Who down the road to battle do trudge

Is at their lack of heart and soul
Democrats are evil personified
They're petty small and hateful
Their brains are mush or fried

I've never met one yet
That can maintain integrity
When talking service or vets
The sacrifices made to be free

They'll ambush you
Or leverage you out
They'll stab you in the back
Of that you may have no doubt

They will hurt you
They will desert you
Do not be their fool
They have no living ambition

Only the single minded hunger
Of a bloodless ghoul


2:02 am
*transcribed this time with
added re-writes
12:00 pm


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