Sunday, September 12, 2010

I remember

I remember the fire burning
I remember the smoke
I remember all those who thought
Terrorism is a joke

I remember the blue sky
And the second plane flying in
I thought some of us know
If you're in a fight you better win

I remember the shock
Of those who called me on the phone
I remember siting and watching
All day at home

I knew it was coming
Just like I do now
You can't go around appeasing
And worshiping some sacred cow

Of political correctness
And not expect to be attacked
I know most of us remember
But some have turned their back

The same ones as before
The same liars cheaters and whores
Yeah I remember I remember
The same ones as before

I remember seeing a blonde woman
Jump choosing that over fire as a way to die
I remember the small child looking up
And saying Look Mommy Look Mommy

A Butterfly

9:23 am
transcribed this time
9:30 am


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