Saturday, October 23, 2010



Like jumping out of a building
Or burning alive inside
Where the flames lick at your flesh
And there is no place to hide


Like stoning a woman to death
Seen in the presence of another man
Is this the Relegion of Peace
You're trying to get us to understand


Do you mean like dragging a knife
Across a living person's throat
And pray tell for what idiot
Are you going to cast your vote

The one who bows to everybody
And spends our money like a mad man
They one who wants to open our border
And doesn't mind a nuclear weapon

In the hands of Iran

Torture is listening to some
Seditionist traiterous fool
Spout off his commie socialist crap
All the while thinking he's cool

9:14 pm
There I was minding my business when this
leftist half baked barely awake flake
goes spouting off about torture on some social
networking site
Yuck ick many skum bags
It was enough to have me looking for a
good 2 ft piece of 3/4 inch rebar
but all I could find at the time was this
key board
transcribed this time
9:19 pm


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