Friday, October 29, 2010


Ugly is
As Ugly Does..

She sounds like another progressive communist
From the school of drool
She sounds like she's right damn proud
Of actin the fool

She's the kind
That wants the borders open wide
She's the kind when you mention
America....she's ain't got no pride

She sounds like she grew up
Being fed a bunch of namby pamby crap
She sounds like she actually thinks
That music has something to do with rap

In other words she's just another
Empty headed Oprah View wanna be clown
Who thinks Code Pink's sh*t doesn't stink
And obviously has swallowed it right down

12:24 am
on some woman taking it upon herself
to say "Oh, I think it's the military that got our country in this mess and they all need to go to Iraq and never come back." when she noticed the Fort Sill Army decal
on the truck of a wife of a serving Army Soldier.
affirming once again
there is no low an ugly mind set won't go


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