Sunday, January 18, 2009

I'm sick of being fair

Fair is just something they use
To put the screws to me
Fair is just something they abuse
To make sure I'm less free

I'm not going to rise above it
I've not going to be a nice guy
I'm not even going to do enough
That somebody can say I gave it a try

Oooooh Ooooooh remember back to Selma
Haven't we come a long way
And shouldn't we still apologize
At least a hundred times a day

Can't we wish him all the best
No I can't and no I won't
Can't we hope for him none the less
Here it is plain and simple no I don't

He's promised to screw it up
And I believe that he will
And I believe that he could care less
That America's fighting men will pay the bill

He's an out and out socialist
He's surrounded by corruption and fraud
He's got Barney the Banking Queen
Eric Holder and Christopher Dodd

Hillary is Secretary of State
While Billy Boy's been rakin in the money
And nobody sees a conflict of interest
But maybe Senator Frankin will help us all

See it as funny

Reid’s now turned around and seated Burris
Chicago Machine is at it’s most grandiose
The race card is bein played hard by the left wing guard
We’re getting infirmative action by the double dose

For the safety of US citizens he's going to close down Gitmo
And declare Water boarding too tough of a way to get the truth
But when it comes to his own security

It seems he wants
The secret service doubled and a thousand snipers on every roof

11:13 pm
transcribed this time
11:21 pm


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