Sunday, January 11, 2009

Che Chic
Revolutionary fashion statements

Che is a guy
Faggots wear on their shirts
It's a way communist and prissy sissies
Think it's cool to flirt

They don't care he's a murderer
They don't care about his firing squads
He just looked so darned cute in his beret
He was such a sexy good looking fraud

So what if he lied
So what if he stole
So what if he was heartless
And had no soul

His hair was shiny
Long thick wavy and black
So how important could it be
He stabbed

His fellow revolutionaries in the back


It's all about image
It's all about shine
It's all about what they're were thinkin
Lookin at his behind

That's about as far
As their pee brains go
They're not interested in the truth
They don't want to know

That death and corruption were everywhere
And journalist were targeted and killed
If any of the revolution's bean cans
Were opened and truth did happen to spill

People from all over were locked away
For what they thought
And they stayed chained in their holes
Till their bodies did rot

For daring to disagree
For thinking another way
Other than what Castro said
Or Che decreed what you could say


Ahhh yess it's all so Chic
And the revolution's cool
When it's coffee shop talk
And the bloods not forming in pools

As the brains are splattered
All over some pitted stone wall
While Che Che baby sat back
Feet on his desk and watched it all

So re-write history all you want
Make him your hero make him your star
Be a super duper useful pooper scooper idiot
And cling to what you stupidly ignorantly are

11:00 pm
transcribed this time
1:52 pm


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