Friday, November 12, 2004

How to discuss the illegal immigrant invasion

How to discuss the illegal immigrant invasion

It's not like anything
Needs to get done or changed

Except maybe the way we talk about it
Maybe if we just used more sensitive terms
It wouldn't make the hyphenated-Americans
And their supporters squirm

Maybe if you could just give it a tweak
Another adjustment here and there
Maybe leave out some water for them
You wouldn't sound so unfair

Culturalism over nationalism
Where'd you get a phrase like that
Shouldn't sympathetic emotion
Always overcome logic reason and facts

How much is spent on hospital costs
How much is spent on enforcement costs
Is that all you're concerned about
Is the loss loss loss

Think about how it makes you feel
Like you're a superior caring being
Who is capable of such fashionable passion
For those who from poverty are fleeing

Forget Mexico becoming more just
And improving conditions down there
And that way they wouldn't have to leave
To find even minimal care

Because that's their country's business
They are their own Sovereign Nation
Just learn to be extra careful
How you converse about the situation

And maybe you'll learn to adjust
To the new and different way
Just change the way you think
Just change what words you say

And presto everything is hunky dory
Everything becomes dandy and fine
Things are a lot less trouble for a
Dillusional rather live in denial mind

You'll see
Go with the flow
Opposed means oppressor
In case you didn't know


There have you got it
Do you understand it yet
Think of it like never ending guilt
Compromising to accommodate regret

There have you got it
Do you understand it yet
Just keep making those installment

On a never ending debt

11:14 pm
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