Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Funding for the arts

Funding for the Arts
Don't make me laugh

More like funding
For Arts Organizations
Political Fronts
That love to blame this nation

That act like they're for
Free Speech
But actually conspire
To keep it out of reach

For those who disagree
Or can't pass their litmus tests
They encourage cooperative compliance
Not being independently your best

Arts Organizations use
Buzz words to confine and define
Everything must fit in
With the one party line

Arts Organizations are the
Blight of creative thought
Everything is cookie cutter stutter
Designed to cause brain rot

It's a cult of mean spiritedness
Posing nicey nice
But underneath it's all
Cold calculating ice

And back room discussions
About who's allowed in
Yeah why be open minded
When it's easier to pretend

Oh you can be outrageous
But it had better be their way
You better watch what you do
You better watch what you say


Funding for the Arts
Don't make me laugh
More like back stabber power grabbers
Dividing up the proceeds

From grant speakism's golden calf

10:17 pm
transcribed this time
4:44 pm

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