Thursday, November 25, 2004

So you want to take away my rebel flag

So you want to take away my rebel flag


The right not to be offended
The right to extort and demand
The right to use white guilt
To get me to understand

That we will do it all your way
We will change things around
Till it's clear to the whole world
There's a new boss here in town

And fear is what he uses
And intimidation is his game
And if you don't do what he says
Then it's shameshame shameshame



It's the politics of identity
And whiners diners club delux
Who flat out don't like good ol boys
Or gun racks and pick up trucks

They've got a new way to win
They just don't get out of the way
And act completely insulted
Unless you explain what you say



Here's some news for you from me
No more no more no more
And it's not that I'm against you
But I'm damn sure not

For you anymore

9:16 pm
transcribed this time
4:35 pm

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