Tuesday, January 25, 2011

That fella can read a teleprompter

And lie with a straight face
For goin to the Church of God Damn America
He sure takes liberties with the
Sacred blessed presence of grace

He's spending money like a mad man
He's suing Arizona to the ground
I guess illegal aliens get the benefits
And citizens can pay the bill down

What a peach of a guy
Gee Whiz he sure is swell
Over half of the states in the Union
Are filing against what Obama care sells


Nobody has seriously investigated
That loose connection of frauds
Known as Acorn yep no corruption there
But yet some drooling fools still applaud

The Rules of Engagement in Afghanistan
Are getting good men and women killed
Oh but aren't those lavish parties in
The White House such razz a ma tazz and thrill

It can't be because his policies are stupid
Or reckless or incompetant and crazy
It's obvious you're just a racist
Bitter Clinger Red Neck to whom

When it comes to thinking is lazy

Worship at his feet
Fall for his every lie
Praise be the the superior elite
Who can but blindly deny

What is truly before them
The worst threat this nation has faced
Do not research or question
Just dutifully close your eyes click your heels

And fall in place

10:07 pm
transcribed this time
10:14 pm


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