Saturday, June 20, 2009

Barabara Boxer.....Who the hell

Who the Hell

Does Barbara Boxer thinks she is
She showed utter contempt and disrespect
She needs to be contacted often
Boldly truthfully swiftly and direct

She knows what she did was wrong
She can make petty arguments all day long
But General Michael Walsh has stood his watch
Faced our enemies took rights side over wrong

The snideness with which she attempted
To undermine one of America's best
The demeaning tone in her voice
It is to her lowliness and dishonor it attests

She needs to be barraged with mail
She needs to be taken to task
She has truly revealed herself to be
Foul ugly rude crude and crass

Her arrogance knows no measure
Her ignorance is beyond the pale
Respect is always earned
And in this and many of her encounters

She has seriously totally and completely failed

12:00 pm
here is a video of her vile actions

here is where you can write her of your

you have to scroll down a bit a
pick out a category from her …list.


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