Thursday, June 25, 2009

Worshiping Worshiping Worshiping

Worshiping at the shrine of all
Of Obama's bullshit and shine

You're an out and out idiot
with your standard talking points
You won't be satisfied till it's all
Bammy's crown we all anoint

You're a Kool aid drinking dink
Thinking slick tricks are the fix
Something seriously is wrong with you
You're like a dog gettin his licks

You're sick demented and narrow
You talk to hear yourself talk
You got your feathers all in a ruffle
But you definitely ain't no cock of the walk

Do yourself a favor
And take yourself off the line
Hell it would take eleven of you
But you still wouldn't add up to a dime

2:24 am
no ill will or bad intent is meant toward
our faithful loving canine friends


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