Saturday, June 27, 2009

Michael Jackson is Dead

Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson is dead
Not that it’s a bad thing to
Advocate children sleeping in your bed

As a thirty-five year old man
That’s been accused over and over again
Of molesting children and being
Their oh so very special friend

Michael Jackson is dead

Not that it’s a bad thing to
Dangle a child off a balcony in the air
Not like that’s considered crazy
By anybody anytime anywhere

Michael Jackson is dead
And so are all the parent’s souls
Who sold their children to that pervert
For him to play with and to tenderly hold

Michael Jackson has passed
And is destined for Rock N Roll history fame
I mean maybe right after he gets done
With that little stint with Eternal Damnation

And Hells ever burning flames

Michael Jackson is dead
I really don’t have anything else
It’s just something I like to say
Kind of like a little pick me up song

I like to sing to myself

11:30 am
another idiot
another epitaph
hurry up all you pieces of crap
take your final bows and get on
with your long overdue dirt naps


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