Monday, June 22, 2009

On the David Letterman/Perez Hilton type........ and their perverted hype

He gets it

And he'll lie till the day he dies
He'll try to turn it all around
Till his brains turn into french fries
And he burns your house down

He's crazy lazy and
Happy as a loon
To be sittin at the toilet
Waitin for the dinner bell

With his super sized spoon

He'll twist it up
Excuse it all away
Demand more explanations as he
Holds any rational thinking at bay

He couldn't escape a cage
If it had no locks
He keeps right on chow'n down
On the snacks he gets

Out of the cat litter box

And that proves he's a genius
An intellectual shining star
Because defending the indefensible
Could never reveal

How cluelessly classless you really are


He gets it

He gets it alright

11:57 am
a brief sketch of a persistent
apologist for the scum bag
David Letterman Perez Hilton type
And their perverted hype


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