Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Senate Apologizes for Slavery yet again

But Blacks Want Cash

Please Please Mr Blackman

Accept my apology
Accept my house and money
Everything all of you do is cool
Hip and very very poignantly funny

I'm sorry I existed at the same time
You breathed in air
I'm the one who's inferior
I don't even know how to care

I don't even know how to begin
Maybe you could impregnate young white girls
And abandon them for the evil that they are
That would be a way to show the world

You're never going to take it again
It's all my fault there's even such a thing as crack
I bet it was a CIA plot to keep you down
Just another example of the man stabbing you in the back

Please Please Mr Black Man
Accept my apology
It is me and my filthy kind
That still keep you from being free

Your gangs are the just and noble warriors
Protecting the sacred hood
Whitey don't know what be goin down
He think you be jiven sayin you're misunderstood

He needs a nine up his azz
And an Ak at his head
Tellin him to give up his ride
Or he's gonna wind up dead

Some stupid crackahs tryin to pass off
That blacks can be prejudice and hard core
You get to pimpin out their mommas
They won't be sayin that crap no more

Homie gonna get his reparations
One way or another
A honky ain't good for nuthin
Cept what he can give up to a brother

Please Please Mr Black man
Accept my apology
Please turn into Muslim coverts
And slaughter us for our infidelity

11:24 pm
transcribed this time
11:36 pm


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