Tuesday, June 02, 2009

The Negro Panthers

Now the charges have been dropped

But it couldn't be because they're brothers
It couldn't be because they're black
It couldn't be they're connected to ACORN
He's not stabbing our America in the back

He's settling race relations down
In the new South African style
He's going to redistribute the wealth
And do it with a smug look and a smile

Step on through the looking glass
And know what he's got planned
It's pay back time for the Honkeys
It's pay back time for the man

Listen to the compelling stories
Marvel at the wit and charm
Even regular citizens now
Want to be seriously armed

Witness the new dear leader
Appointing his board of czars
Do you really think a one of them
Care one bit who you are

The New Black Panthers
Were standing outside the voting booth
And slapping clubs into their hands
To make sure everybody knew the truth

Eric Holder has declared that tactic
Shall now not be considered intimidation
Justice has left the building
And being laughed at by this sick administration

Prepare yourself for what's coming next
Prepare yourself for more
This is what "God Bless America" sounds like
When it's sung by pimps and whores

10:15 am
transcribed this time
10:17 am


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