Tuesday, June 02, 2009

My official position is

I don't care


The media will just rail it across the head lines

I don't care

They won't connect the dots on Acorn
They won't publish on the Negro Panthers
They won't go after Bawney Fwank
Because he has all the correct anthers

They won't go after Dodd
They won't flush out Air Force one
They could give a whit about the fence
If it ever gets built if it ever gets done

Israel should compromise with Hamas-icide
So what if N Korea launches nukes
I don't care about the on the air heads
They're a bunch of liberal wussy pukes

Spend all the money you can
The returning vets are the real threats
Latinas are always better than whites
And it's all said without regret

Here comes a social earth quake
Here comes a cultural hurricaine
I no longer will negotiate or educate
The rabidly no brain insane

10:17 am
my response to the liberal
abortion doctor being shot
it’s just another excuse
to profile pro-life people
as terrorists along with returning vets
transcribed this time
11:56 am


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