Tuesday, May 26, 2009

No Swords Allowed

No swords allowed
At the Naval Academy's Graduation

He is a threat and a disgrace to all who serve
He has no honor so he sees none in others
He has no idea why those of us who have
Worn the uniform call each other brothers

Now he wants the midshipman
To not wear swords at their own graduation
There is no respect in this clowns heart
For warriors or the freedom of this great nation

He's an opportunist and a smug one at that
He's arrogant and condescending at the same time
He soft pedals on Korea launching off nukes
He's ignorant and or out of his freaking mind

This man is as dangerous as any ever seen
Our enemies are all dancing behind doors
They want him to continue his damage
Till we're weak enough that they can score

A big enough hit to take us out
Because they can tell he has no will to fight
He essentially doesn't believe in anything
He's always shifting there is no wrong or right

And here he is at the Naval Academy
Showing his true colors for all to see
He trusts the Palestinians but not our men
He knows nothing of the price paid

For liberty

9:15 pm
transcribed this time
9:26 pm


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