Sunday, June 14, 2009

FIRE David

On the so called advice of being cautious
Taking on David Letterman’s filth
About Sarah Palin being slutty and the
Completely inappropriate remarks about
Her young daughter

Yeah just what we need

Is more nuance
And rising above the fray
And a way to co-operate with leftists
And to do it in a polite way

Yeah just what we need

More moderates and Rinos
Blathering on about My Friends
More mindless bi-partisan ship
And wearing double layered depends

If anybody in the State run media
Even utters one critical thought
We need more go along songs
About how our principals can be bought

With our nation's future
And that we can accomplish world peace
If we treat our enemies as allies
And our allies as idiots who should decease

Talking bad about Hamas-icide
Or worrying about N Korean nukes
Like Hugo Chavez should be listened to
Instead of walking out on the puke


And most definitely David Letterman
Should get a free ride
The whole respect for women and children
Should simply be quietly set aside

MSNBC’s Theresa Brewer fits right in
With Chrissie Matthews and Olberink
We should just let them take free shots
And never ever challenge what they think

Bill Maher is only a comedian
Not a rotten excuse for a human being
What culture war and agenduhhhh
What propaganda presented for seeing

I say smack’m all
Take’m all on all fronts
Miss California loses her job
But not the punk who called her a

The C word


Not me
Not anymore
Let’s ride right into’m
Full Bore

11:55 am
transcribed this time
12:07 pm


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