Thursday, June 11, 2009

Contessa Brewer is a Bitch

She's nothing but a sychophant
For David Letterman and his show
And for MSNBC to not fire him
And her reveals they know no low

Calling Sarah Palin slutty and making
Filthy sex comments about a fourteen year old
That's not anywhere near a joke
And is nothing but filthy perverted and cold

And for airhead snotty Contessa
To defend that in any manner shape or form
Exposes her to be the rotten spoiled brat
She is and way way outside any norm

Rudeness and crudeness are not humor
And neither is being sick twisted and vile
She was blatantly ugly in her demeanor
And exhibited absolutely no class or style

2:51 pm
in reference to an interview of John
Ziegler by Contessa Brewer of MSNBC
concerning David Letterman using his
top ten ruse to step seriously over the line
When he made a smutty remark about A-Rod
Knocking up Governor Sarah Palin’s fourteen
Year old daughter and another also to refer
to Sarah Palin as being slutty. ... 0#31206590

David Ziegler is a radio talk show host on
KGIL 1260 AM out of LA.
He is also producer of a film
"Media Malpractice/How Obama got elected"

N....yet again

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