Saturday, June 27, 2009

Living The Feudal Way

Turning lead into gold

Or a sandwich
Or a ride on a motorcycle
Through the dust storms
Of an Apocalyptic Hell

Turning lead into gold
Or gasoline
So you can get from here
To there and be alive to tell

Where the next stragglers
Are hangin out with bigger guns
Hell is gonna be full of crazies
Doin what they do for crazy fun

Not many will go back to the old ways
Where there's a code for woman and man
Theories will only go so far as those
Who are left left strong enough to stand

Who will find the food
Who will provide protection
What will be the price
Who will determine the manner of selection

Living the feudal way
Living by blood and sword and stone
Who will wield the steel
Who will provide the sinew muscle and bone

It sure won't be snot nose spoiled brats
It won't be fat cats trading wares
Who will ride forth for flaxen beauty
Who will once again dare to defend the fair

written last night
06/26/2009 thru to
9:51 am
transcribed this time
1:00 pm


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