Monday, December 25, 2006

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas

To all out there who improve
My attitude
Who have something to say
More than platitudes

Who are deadly serious
But also funny at times
Who care about our nation
And the Freedom loving kind

Bless our warriors
For stepping forward bold
Who put it on the line
Heart and soul

Thanks to all who work
To see through the MSM news
Through all their nit wit picking
And harping carping views

I’ve always liked saying Merry Christmas
Even when I’ve had the blues
But this year slightly more
Knowing how much it upsets
The not so sacred ACLU

1:03 pm
*transcribed this time
9:25 am



Anonymous said...

merry christ mas nailz!you are our soul,american poet!,rock on 4 ever!didja ever read cuzn a.d.winans beatnick sf ca poems?,lil bubba

neilsthepoet said...

Yes...yes I did.

And I finally got to reading
"Taming The Nueces Strip"

Excellent book on McNelly's Rangers....

We need that spirit more than ever in Texas now.

Thank you and your heritage for making this land free.

But mainly thank you for being my friend...

Love very much

8:39 am