Tuesday, November 21, 2006



Dear George
We love you but

A conservative is one who
Believes in fiscal responsibility
Is one who would secure our Southern Border line
A conservative would have been in a save
Terri Schiavo's life state of mind

And for anyone taking notes

English would now be the national language
Sadr in Iraq would already be dead
John Walker Lindh would be lying in a grave
Somewhere with a bullet in his head

More than a few of the Lame Stream Media
Would have gotten a good chewing out
I do think you care but I'm just pointing at
A few areas more could have been done about

Sandy Burgler should have gone to jail
The gang of 14 should have been mocked
Infirmative action should have been firmly
Referred to as one huge steaming crock

Because the Republicans got strong from
The Conservative system of beliefs
Who needs gay Boy Scout leaders
Or gay marriages to cause our nation grief

Push it right out front
Quit relying and taking for granted the core
To Hell with appeasement liberals
And the Rhinos who hold open their doors

The Republicans got strong from
The Conservative system of beliefs
Not the other way around
So here it is simple and brief

Happy Thanksgiving
And no more taking for granted the core
Go straight for the heart of the value system

Help the Spirit of America soar

7:56 pm
transcribed this time
8:23 pm


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