Thursday, March 23, 2006

Why I hate the Main Stream Media and...

How Francis Fukuyama
Made the Half Wits list

By sounding like another who's
Giving it the ol intellectual wank
By sounding like another who's
Joined the ranks of skanks

Known as


Autocrats Defeatocrats and
The media called....main stream
Who know no blow too low
Who have but poison to offer

Any plan or visionary dream


These kind thought it was the
Grave yard of empires in Afghanistan
These kind will sell you out
To the very last brave standing man

They've been raving no WMD's
Like that's going to set anybody free
They never encourage or point out
The positive only the negativities

The lay claim to the no brain
Of we're losing all of our friends
Thieves like Germany and France
And anybody who'll wear depends

When it comes to facing down
This global terrorist threat
They keep screaming Exit strategy
Without a peep of regret

But what's standing up the Iraqi military
Or training a competant police force
Who'll enforce decent laws
To help follow a civilized course

Instead the pressure is kept up
Iraq Katrina it's all the same
It's just another of Hells shell games
Just more finger pointing blame

Instead of encouragement
And contributions that matter
All they got is harping and carping
But never stepping up to be the batter

They don't care about the UN scandal
They don't care they don't care
They speak treasonous words
Even overseas anytime anywhere

After 911 they were the people who
Thought we flew the flag too much
They started hedging their bets as
Soon as they could do such

Till now they're ravingly out of touch

And then it was too many soldiers
On the ground or was it too few
Plus Nit wit picking about body armour
To express and vet their view

They're the ditch witch Cindy
The self loathing Michael Moore
They're all tramps and con artists
They're all out and out whores

8:51 am

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