Saturday, May 24, 2008

Dancing the fools dance

Dance the fools dance all you want

Talk about your sympathy and empathy
But don't lecture me anymore
Because your superiority complex doesn't work
When you get your head slammed to the floor

He who would be kind to evil
Would do evil unto the kind
You can see it in the words
Coming out of your screwed up mind

You are a waste of human breath
You hide behind the holy and divine
You're a waste of food and water
And damn sure a waste of good peoples time

But I got a moment or two
To do a step a swing a check
But I don't think you'd like it much
It would kinda be like a car wreck

And I wouldn't feel bad about that either
You're an apologist for a loser
For a twisted freak of an unborn baby killer
An unrepentant self indulgent

Self important boozer

9:12 pm
a reply to a guy
who wants to go all soft talk on Ted Kennedy,
just because Teddy's suddenly close to death.
Hey we're all close to death.
Ted earned the waters he entered into...
Let him swim with his decisions and choices.


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