Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A lyin of the left

A lyin of the left

He always was for abortion
A murdering of the Unborn
He was always a drunken reprobate
Always in reasons side a thorn

He was a murderer who ran away
He left a young girl to die
He left and covered his tracks
And lived his whole life as a lie

He consorted with communist tyrants
He was an appeaser to the max
He was a thief to the everyday working man
And justified it by calling it a tax

He was arrogant and self righteous
He deliberately changed our immigration law
He cared nothing for our Sovereignty
He was a tub of overflowing character flaws

He needed a crane to lift him
And place him on the Senate floor
Where he railed flailed and wailed
To pimp out America as his favorite whore

And now everywhere I hear the voices
Of consolation adoration and so called sorrow
But this is my epitaph for him today
Or if I have to wait....


7:19 pm

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