Sunday, June 15, 2008

Part of it

Part of it is conspiracy

Part of it is chaos
And then there's the uninformed
And then there is the pressure
To absolutely conform

Part of it is the gangs
Dividing up all the parts
Of various neighborhoods
And feeding off the young ones hearts

Part of it is the schools
Running all that diversity scam
You are what you do but for that
You actually have to give a damn

Part of it is this strange politeness
This obsession with being fair
They use democracy and tolerance
To redistribute shares

Earning is out the window
At least in certain areas of town
Everything is getting to be a hustle
As to who can get who down


There's still freedom and strength
But as always it's deep within
Each and every individual
And for that you have to begin

To want to know the truth
To want to know what's right
When is the season of reason
And when is the start of a fight

Because if you blink at a
Critical moment in precious time
Everything can be taken from you
It is life liberty and our souls

That are on this line

9:46 pm
transcribed this time
10:13 pm


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