Friday, June 20, 2008

On the Obamanation

On the Obamanation

He's a scum bag Marxist
He's an Infirmative action clown
His story changes and rearranges
Depending on the town

His wife obviously feels entitled
But strangely victimized too
That's what gives her that vindictive streak
There's nothing she won't do

Both want to be authentic
Both pretend to the spiritual game
Look at the preacher they chose
Black Liberation Theology gone insane

He hangs out with a known terrorist
William Ayers is his name
That's the way he's wired
That's what's inside his brain

He makes business deals with Rezko
Like it's all a coincidence
He's as corrupt as they come
He looks down on common sense

He's an elitist of the first degree
He reads his teleprompter well
He loves his Palestinian contacts
He just soaks in the stories they tell


Because Israel deserve what it gets
Israel is the cause of it all
Israel is somehow deserving
Of having to take a fall

Because they don't want their soldiers
Kidnapped from their post
Or their kids killed on school buses
Which for Hamas is something to boast

The Obamanation is going to reign
Reign down Hell and Death
And you can count on his betrayal
As sure as you need that next breath


His values shift and change
It is power that he seeks
He's dangerous as a man
Precisely because he's weak

And his supporters are rabid
Rabid like they know it's their turn
Know it like if it isn't
Then there'll be buildings that will burn

The Obamanation is a symptom
Of conniving and the deciet of a ruse
Look how little it takes to set off a riot
And tell me we're not lookin at a

Real short fuse

11:11 pm
*finished 12:06 am
transcribed this time
12:21 am



Anonymous said...

A hustle...ha. I guess we both know that well.

Only difference being I can recognize what was ONCe (but no longer) a product of my desperation. I can recognize that sometimes we get crappy serves in life but more importantly, sometimes we hit back wrong too. Sometimes we overcompensate, undercompensate, or just stand there frozen--deer in the headlights.

I still know you well enough that you would never see the desperation in yourself. And you don't have to. Because the street still weighs in my soul that I can look this in the eye with caution but without fear. What was once naivete, aimless discontent--what then became a pitiful darkness--is just a discordant melody now. But perhaps, even still, it has its beauty of its own.

And I'm not angry anymore. If I ever even I no doubt have the right to be-- but self-pity has never been my strong suite and just knowing that I won--is enough to make me a good sport.

Peace to you Neils,

A girl you once knew

neilsthepoet said...

I didn't know you then
I don't know you now
I don't want to know you

In the future....ever

Go Away

8:14 am

Anonymous said...

No you didn't know me then. You knew a child who knew no better. And I know that better than you.

Now you do not know me b/c I am a strong woman, not a child, and that you FEAR. As right you should. But have no fear, your secrets are safe b/c my pride is worth more than retribution. Probably a shame to know that what you "taught" me of hate and self-loathing means nothing. What a loss, that your soldier has turned out, in spite and despite you, to be a good person.

And don't worry, I have no desire to know you know. Only to let you know that I know who and what you are, and you can never run from that. And you would never seek repentence and amend because behind the blustering mask of flex and dismay, you are nothing if you can't take someone else.

Anonymous said...

I trust Barack before I trust McCain. McCain is just going to pick up where Bush left off. More companies closing it's doors, people loosing their jobs, homes etc.... This is a sad economy we live in today. The economy was good prior to Bush getting in office. The last time we had a mess like this is when Ronald Reagan was in office and Daddy Bush was in office. The Republican President has always been the one putting us in a deficit .... The only ones who don't suffer are those who have millions. Why can't anyone see that everyone is too focused on race(color). Until that changes America is never going to be able to turn around and prosper. This is such a shame, It's sickening just like your poem on "Obamanation". What is your real fear?

Don't tell me because you will only deny the truth just like everyone is doing, hiding behind excuses and blame.

Check this out: GOD KNOWS.......

neilsthepoet said...

You're sayin:
Check this out..GOD KNOWS

And you're goin with the guy
Who sat in a Reverend's church
for twenty years who said;


Sure.....sounds real well thought

9:52 pm

neilsthepoet said...

God Knows??

And that relates to
partial birth abortion/murder how?

What a stupid cow you are
What a stupid wallowing pig
What a stupid suck up you must be
To connect with whatever it is

You have going as a gig

2:53 pm

neilsthepoet said...

How's that hope and change thing goin for you now?!

How's that socialist monkey of an abomination doing with the economy?

Is the debt high enough?

Has he bowed enough?
Has he apologized enough?

Does he have enough czars?

Should we still not "jump to conclusions" about Hassan?

Stupid becomes dangerous...when?


8:59 pm