Wednesday, July 16, 2008


You see the old ones

And one day you realize
They were once young too
You always thought of them
As the old veterans as one is want to do

But suddenly it becomes clear
When what you see and hear
Is the ferocity of heart
That also knows compassion is dear

You can see him running down the road
He still carries his ruk sack well
He still pounds it down up and around
Still walking the edge of Heaven and Hell

He may even fall short
But for sure he gets back up again
Because even when alone
Honor does not bend on any depend

And they would yank you up
By the back of your pack or shirt
Throw you over their shoulder
And take you away from harm and hurt

And you would do the same
If it all went down hard and fast
You go with the guts and sweat
You go with your brothers

First or last

7:05 pm
transcribed this time
7:48 pm


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