Sunday, July 20, 2008

Once you're in a fight

The only responsibility is
To do everything to win
And not bow and scrape and cry
And try everything to be their friend


I am not the black man's keeper
I am not his whipping boy
I am not his convenient excuse
Nor victim to his race hustle ploy

I will not take the abuse
They think they have the right to give
I am going to carry on and they best
Not attack me if they want to live

I am sick of seeing my kind exploited
Living by some rules scum bags ignore
I will have nothing to do with the rap crap culture
Where every man is a thug and every woman

A bitch or a whore


I do not need their permission
I do not need them to understand
I will associate with whom I choose
I will not submissively extend my hand

I think white women who date blacks
Really aren't white anymore
And I think if you have their baby
You've truly sold out your genetic core

I will think what a free man thinks
I will say what I want to say
I am proud of my Nordic heritage
And will be till my dying day

I know what happens on the corners
In the parking lots and on the street
I can see an animal moving and know
The only thing they understand is defeat

I will not be intimidated or shamed
Into giving up my inalienable rights
You will not take from me my soul
Without engaging in one Helluva fight

8:29 pm
transcribed this time
8:52 am


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