Monday, March 10, 2008

Don't..................Just don't

Don't talk rude

To the plo sympathizers
To the American Troop haters
Just join the club of the polite
Non disproportionate use of force

Club of debators


Don't be insulting

To the socialists
And the no borders crowd
Just bow your head when
They get upset and quietly

Wear your shroud


Keep the conversation civil

When they speak of abortion
Or grabbing all your guns
Keep your response toned down
Make sure you keep it light

And fun


Sure Americans are dying

Killed by the illegals
Over four thousand a year
But don't get overly angry
Where as.... it is ok to cry out

A torrent of tears


It is not what you say

But the way you say it
It is not what you stand for
But the way you pose
When you stand next to

The always open door


Not me
I don't think so

I hate the enemy
I hate their evil scheme
They'll play one against the other
In their sick sick fervor

To destroy freedoms dream

6:54 pm
transcribed this time
7:36 pm


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