Friday, March 21, 2008

Like closing your eyes keeps out the dark

All the Blacks

Jumping up and down
After the OJ trial
All the celebration
And gotcha back smiles

It'll never be over
Because the media lies
Because it's never hate
When a white person dies

Rap is a good thing
It's just a different style
It's not stupid and ignorant
Aggressive and vile

Race baitor debators
Really don't exist
Suddenly Jesse Jackson
Has no agenda to insist

When it's Reverend Wright
And his Anti American rant
Can't call that out in the open
No we can't can't can't

No such gang as bloods
No such gang as crips
They need more acquiescence
They need more back flips


An out of control murder rate
And teen age mothers giving birth
Abandoned families with no father
All add to the lack of worth

While Aids is screaming on
Charlatan Sharpton is who we need
Like it's not those who distract confuse
And are intentionally oblique

Who water evil's seed

9:33 am

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