Saturday, August 25, 2007


Channon Christian
Christopher Newsom


This is how it starts
When justice is denied
And all the press will do
Is swear they haven't lied

This is what will happen
When savages aren't killed back
They continue their marauding
They continue their monstrous attacks

This is what brings it on
This what turns into to blood
When everybody negotiates
When Hell rises from the mud

And stalks our streets and towns
And targets our young and old
This is how it happens when
When just vengeance isn't swift and bold

Rap Crap and Hip Hop slop
Is wilding music for slug thug life
People better wake up because
They're coming for your children

You and your wife


The press gets off Scott free
But believe me if they bleed
You can bet your life that story
Would be one that'd lead

And these so called national leaders
Giving cover for the gangs
They ain't nuthin but the political wing
For those who want to see you hang

Or robbed or beaten or raped
On the corner or invading your home
Just know that if you go down fighting
You were not fighting alone

I say it's time for pay back
I think it's time to call in some debts
These dirt bags may be stupid and sadistic
But they haven't met cold efficient and operational



Let’s put some fire in our guts
And steel in our back bone
Let’s let those brave enough to know
That they are not alone

11:02 pm
yet another story NOT
being covered by the press

1.) Young, white Tennessee couple out on a date gets car-jacked by four black men.

2.) The couple is kidnapped and brought to the home of one of the car jackers.

3.) The young man is sodomized, castrated, and then beaten and stabbed to death while his girlfriend watches.

4.) Over the next few days, the girlfriend is repeatedly raped, has one of her breasts cut off while she is still alive, and has drain cleaner poured down her throat to hide DNA evidence.

5.) While this is going on, the black girlfriend of one of the four kidnappers is in the house but never calls police.


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