Saturday, September 08, 2007

What My Dogs Told me To say....

What my dogs told me to say to people
Who sympathized with sick Michael Vick

Sadists and their cruelty
Say I'm barking up the wrong tree
But are too scared to come down
And play with me

Because I'll rip out their throats
Show them my charms
As I savage their legs
And tear at their arms

While the blood spurts out
And they scream and moan
As they try to get away
But find they're all alone

To face the consequences
To face the beast
Who serves our families
And asks the least

An occasional meal
A pat on the head
And they'll alert to warn
They'll fight till they're dead

To protect the ones
Who showed them care
They wiggle and wag
To say they're glad you're there


So it's no big deal
If I get criminally used
If my suffering is real
When I am abused


So if it's no big deal
That I get torn apart
Then come on down
I'll show you insane

Me I'm an animal
I'm supposed to have heart're a human
You're supposed to use your brain

7:52 pm
Hunter, Jack, Wind, Lightning and Loki give their best regards..
to dog lovers and people with common sense
But are growling at the retards

Crouched behind their no defense fence



Anonymous said...

I love Loki, and how you first met. :)

neilsthepoet said...


He is a smart intelligent baby.

I'm glad you liked the poem.

I'd say he's saved me more than
I saved him.

1:37 pm