Monday, September 24, 2007


Are what those spewing apologetics
Call an out and out mugging
Kicks to the face head and shoulders
Hard will full deliberate slugging

Stomping them on the ground
Maneuvering to get in a fist
This is what symps call a minor altercation
This in importance is not high on their list

It's never racial
As long as it's black on white
But who cares what the ignorant think
Some of us know what's right

Blacks don't get to guerrilla around
Blacks don't get to intimidate
They don't get a free pass anymore
No more side steppin dates with fate

And bullies deserve what they get during or
Even after it's over and they're lying to fake it
Because if you want to seriously step up
To dish it out

You damn well be ready to take it

10:55 pm
transcribed this time
7:02 pm


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